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Standard Products - Pipes & Tubes - Overview

A summary of PS Steel Tubes' product range. For technical details visit Specifications.

Square Section conveyor-ldlers pipes beams

Agriculture & Irrigation

Greenhouse Structures, Tube Wells, Casing Pipes

Alternative Energy

Hollow Sections for Solar Power Panel Frames

Gas Pipelines

Pipe Lines for Natural Gas, LPG and other Non-Toxic Gases

Water Pipelines

Water Mains, Sewerage Systems, Industrial Water Lines, Plant Piping

Oil Pipelines

Oil Refinery Piping, Crude Oil Piping, Cross-Country Pipeline

Power Projects

Ash Handling System, LP Piping

Automobile Industry

Air, Water Flow System, Exhaust Piping

Fire Fighting

Sprinkler Systems

Construction Industry

Scaffolding, Structurals


Steel Tubes for Idlers & Troughed Belt Conveyors, Cold Storages, LPG Cylinder Support Rings, Electrical Conduits


Quality is the guiding force at PS Steel Tubes and total quality control is an integral part of the manufacturing process from raw material procurement to finished tubes. PS Steel Tubes products are rigorously tested in terms of surface finish, weld, diameter, wall thickness, length and weight to conform to quality standards.

Pipes are subjected to Hydro-Testing to ensure against leakages before galvanization and threading. Pipes are also randomly subjected to non-destructive testing to ensure that the welds, tensile and compressive strength meet prescribed quality standards.

SafeEdge - Metal Crash Barrier Systems

PS Steel Tubes manufactures complete metal crash barrier systems under the brand SafeEdge.

Metal Crash Barriers are essentially safety systems which prevent vehicles from colliding with objects in close proximity to the road such as boulders, walls, buildings, and also prevents vehicles from accidentally entering roadside storm drains or steep slopes, etc. While predominantly used for road safety, they may also be used for a variety of other purposes such as creating enclosures and holding areas in public places, defining parking spaces, demarcating storage locations, etc.

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Moonlight - Swaged Tubular Poles

PS Steel Tubes also manufactures Tubular Steel Poles for Lighting and Power Transmission under the brand name Moonlight.


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Miscellaneous Products

PS Steel Tubes also manufactures Fencing tubes and Pre-Galvanized tubes in a variety of customized dimensions as per client requirements for use in Steel Fencings, Road Barriers, Gates, Parking Barriers, Fencings, Steel Gates and Windows, Road Side Railings, etc.